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Our soft, custom made night guards are only 2-3mm thick and can also come in peppermint flavour! Soft night guards are ideal for light teeth clenching and grinding, providing a cushioning effect for your teeth while protecting tooth enamel. Soft night guards are delivered in a durable, handy carry case to protect your night guard from loss and damage.

Soft Night Guard

  • We offer a choice of lower OR upper guard because some customers find it more comfortable to wear one vs. the other. Most customers (over 90%) choose an upper guard as they find it more comfortable since it doesn't get in the way of their tongue as much as the lower guard. You may choose a lower guard if you prefer the fit or if you've had some dental work done (e.g. crowns, implants) and it is has been advised by your dentist. The night guard sits between your upper & lower teeth and functions as an effective protective barrier.  Only one guard is needed, unless your dentist recommends otherwise.

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