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I suffered with severe pain due to grinding since I was a teenager. The pain and sensitivity would send shock type pain all over my face. I was diagnosed with TMJ, a common problem with fibromyalgia and was told a night guard would help to stop grinding especially at night. My first guard cost me close to €300 and it never felt comfortable. I just lived with the pain for years until I met some wonderful people online in a Fibromyalgia group. I read there that I could get one made of the same if not better quality as my dentists and for a fraction of the price. From my first conversation with Paul over the phone I knew he cared and understood, he explained every step to what has been a lifesaver for me. Not only have I saved a lot of money but knowing they have my mould in their lab so if or when I need a new one ( maybe a peppermint one ), it will now involve a simple phone call. From the first night I wore them they felt comfortable, now I cant't sleep without one. The difference is amazing and I would highly recommend to anyone that grinds and suffers pain. My sleep is so much better and so I function better in the day. Thanks Paul and all at, so helpful.






Easy to use service, I had previously had a hard night guard which I found very uncomfortable. I ordered a dual laminate nightguards from the site after hearing about them from a friend. The dual laminates are hard on the outside but have a type of rubber material inside making it a lot more comfortable especially when sleeping. Thanks again.



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